February 25, 2010

It's another boy for the Lewis family!!!

We are so excited to announce that the anatomy scan went very well - all developments look great so far, which is such a relief! Of course the other exciting aspect of this ultrasound is finding out the sex of the baby (if you choose to know, of course). We wish we could be patient enough to wait, until our little one is born, but we have always opted to find out . . . oh well, there is plenty to be surprised with at the birth. Robbie is a testament to that because we were shocked to give birth to a red headed baby!

I know I still owe you belly pics, but I have not had time the past few weekends to post the picture. I am posting some ultrasound pictures, and I am sure that is what you would rather see!

My dad and brother are on their way down to visit. We can't wait to see them and spend some time together this weekend! They have experienced car trouble with two different cars on this trip and are currently sitting at a dealership somewhere in Illinois right now, so I hope and pray they make it (and in good time) today!

This is the 3D picture, we didn't really get a good picture because he kept putting his little hands in front of his face. We think he looks a lot like Robbie did in his ultrasounds.
This is such a precious profile of him!

A closer up profile of him!

His tiny little feet. All ten fingers and toes.

This is a bit personal and I hesitated sharing it, but what the heck! These are his long legs (not quite as long as Robbie) and his boy parts. (I know, I know Too Much Information!)


Katie said...

It's not "TMI" when it's an ultrasound picture!! Congrats!! :)

Brooke said...

Yay!!! I love these pictures...absolutely amazing! I love te past one, too--heck, once you become a momma, nothing is TMI! SO happy for you guys. I cant wait to meet him!!!

And yes, woman--I want to see pictures of you, too!!!

Rachael said...

Congratulations!!! I am so very happy for you and your family! Now Robbie will have a little brother to pick on...I mean play with!
ps...i think we all love the pictures!!!

MoCos said...

yeah another boy! I hope he is redhead too, that would be the cutest ever.. Hope you guys have a good weekend with Chaz and Zac.. Post pictures from the trip!

Meghann Whitmer said...

I love the boy parts pic!

Please do not tell me that your dad and Zac drove the caddy to see you?