November 21, 2008

Busy busy bees . . .

I have some really cute pictures to upload, but I just can't seem to find the five minutes it takes to do it! Two weeks ago I had a dr. appt or some type of appt every day so the week was filled with lots of errands. Last week my dad and step mom were visiting and we just enjoyed every minute that we had with them. This week is my first week back at work and I am exhausted! Hopefully I will get a chance to upload the pictures this weekend or early next week.

Also, Kevin and I finally took the plunge to drop our cable down to the basic package. We have been wanting to do this for quite a while. We feel like we spend all of our extra time vegged out on the couch watching tv and we want to enjoy our family time and teach Robbie to be more active. The only problem is that we are losing our internet access at home as well - the stupid cable company increases their internet only package up the wazoo so we decided to drop it as well! I hope that this works out because I really want to instill good habits with our children - to spend family time together, to play outside, to exercise, to read, etc. I just hope that I don't miss my reruns too much, wink wink!

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Brooke said...

Girl, no internet at home?? oh, I would go crazy!!! I can live without TV anyday but internet-not a chance! Great willpower you guys have! Cant wait to see some more pics of Mr. Robbie!!