November 30, 2008

A close up of Granny's hands holding Robbie's hands.

Robbie and his Granny! Isn't she a looker??? Trust me, Granny has more energy than anyone I know! She made such delicious meals for the entire weekend and words can't even describe how good they all were! I even had the opportunity to have her famous "Maggie's" dressing!

Robbie and his Granny. This was actually such a funny moment. Robbie was getting fussy so Granny picked him up and sat down in her chair. Robbie was making little noises and cooing and Granny just kept talking to him telling him "I know, I understand, life is hard isnt' it?" and as soon as she would say that he would fuss a little and coo. It was like they were having their own little conversation . . . so adorable!

Mommy and her favorite little man. It is so amazing how fast he is growing and how much he is learning and accomplishing already.

Uncle Parker rocking Robbie to sleep for his parents. Parker is a great uncle - and so is Kyle - and we can't wait until they are ready to keep him so we can catch a movie or dinner!

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Anonymous said...

Erin he is so cute!! I want one :) Too bad Brian want let me have another one. Too scared it will be another Cooper! Enjoy your little one.