November 25, 2008


Kevin, Robbie and I are headed out on our first road trip as a family. We leave tomorrow at noon to head down to Albany, GA to visit Kevin's grandparents (Robert Craven Senior!), aunts, uncles and cousins. We are so excited to take our first family trip and to visit with the Lewis Clan. I was hoping to upload some pictures before I left, but alas I got too busy again this week! I will have some neat pictures to share when we get back - especially the three Robert Craven's together. I am so honored to have my son named after two such wonderful, kind and generous men. I can only hope that he will not only share the name, but also the characteristics that make these men so precious to us. I also hope that Robbie can pick up on some of his Mommy's family traits too - well only the good ones . . . hopefully not the cussing on the Cosgrove side!

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Meghann Whitmer said...

I will teach him to cuss!!!!!! Sometimes it is just necessary. I promise I will wait until he is 18!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Maybe)..You make us sound like we are horrible people.