November 5, 2008

My Poor Blogging Skills

Aunt Megan and Robbie.
Uncle Kyle and Robbie - Robbie looks like he is trying to say "who is this and why are you letting him hold me???" Also, what is so funny is that while Kyle was holding Robbie, he had another loud bowel movement - just like in the hospital. It seems that Robbie associates BM's with his uncle Kyle . . . too funny!
I love this sweet picture of Kevin and Robbie. Kevin has Robbie in the baby bjorn that my mom gave us - he LOVES it. When nothing else works to comfort him, we put him in this and he is usually fast asleep!
Kevin will KILL ME for posting this picture. But I was teasing him about how he went from being a super cool stud who wore a gun belt to work to a Dad who wears a baby back pack. He jokingly posed this picture as "super Daddy" and I was able to snap it before he could stop!

To my bossy cousins up north . . . I have NO IDEA how to rotate the pictures otherwise I promise I would do it!!! :) We are lucky that I figured out how to upload them! I promise once I get back on my feet I will work on improving my blogging skills! Love you both!!! Oh and Maureen, I am so happy for your engagement. The ring is so gorgeous!


Katie said...

We love the Bjorn, too, although Hannah is already too big for it. We have one of those hiking back-pack things too and that comes in handy every now and then. A hint with the pictures: you need to rotate them on your computer before posting them on your blog. There's really no other way to do it, unfortunately. I think you're doing great---at least we get to see pictures of Robbie!!

MoCos said...

Thanks for the Congrats Erin.. For the pictures when you upload them on your computer. Go to pictures, click on the picture to view it and there is editing tools on the bottom, click on the rotating arrows until it is upright. Even better option. Sign up on and get picture mover. That way it uploads the pictures to your computer and the website where you can order, edit, do fun things with pictures. Plus it only uploads what is new your camera so you don't keep uploading the same pictures over and over.. So those are my Blogging Tips..

Keep up with the pictures of Robbie.. He is already growing like a weed!!

Meghann Whitmer said...

First it is a baby back pack. Next if the fanny pack!

Brooke said...

Give yourself a break woman! As the others have posted, you have to rotate the pic when you upload it or you can do it under your computer's editing program. Its'll see!

As for Robbie....whoa, he's getting so big so fast!! Its crazy how fast they really do grow, huh!! He's so adorable!