January 13, 2010

Blog Update

I want to spend some time (yeah right, when do I ever have some of that???) updating my blog. For those of you that have layouts that are not one of the blogspot ones can you please tell me where you went to get them? I just spent a bit of time googling it and came up with nothing! Thanks!

While I am here I might as well give you a little update on the Lewis family . . .

We are settled back into the house after our two week trip to Iowa. We were able to get the Christmas decorations down in a timely manner which is shocking! Robbie is back in daycare and he managed to adjust to it just fine. Sleeping is another thing, he is basically back to waking up all night long. Kevin and I are pretty worn out and trying to figure out what we can do to get this kid sleeping through the night so we don't go crazy with the arrival of baby number two! Kevin and I agree that if we can find a "Supernanny" to come to the house and help us we would totally pay for it!!! I know they have lactation consultants but do they have "help my toddler never sleeps" consultants??? Kevin is very busy with school and his internship. We are still praying about what he should do once he graduates. We will hopefully know more within 3 - 6 months. If you think of it, please keep us in your prayers concerning this subject! I am busy with work, military duty and household duties. It seems this work is never ending, but I did get a chance to take a relaxing bath the other day - my first one in over a year! This used to be a weekly treat for me - but that was back in my single I don't have a care in the world days! Kevin and I are planning on taking time this weekend for our third date since Robbie was born, that's right folks date number three in 15 months! Not good, we need more Mommy/Daddy time! I can't really blame it on Robbie though, it is really Kevin's fault with his horrible schedule!

Hopefully I can find the time to update my pictures soon - I haven't updated since Halloween!!! Shameful!


Katie said...

Stef got me looking at a website with cute backgrounds. Google "The cutest blog on the block" and you'll find it. :)

I hope Robbie starts sleeping through the night soon!! You need at least a couple of months rest before baby #2 arrives!!! :)

Jon and Stefanie said...

We'll be praying about the sleep thing!

Here are some more blog background sites.




When you find the background you like there will be a code you copy. You need to add a gadget on your layout called HTML/Javascript. Then paste it in there and save.

I hope that helps! :)

MoCos said...

hang in there erin, I don't know how you do it... your superwoman right now.. It will pay off one day! And Tell that Robbie to sleep, he is so going to miss it here in 20 years when he is an adult!

Jon and Stefanie said...

Love the background!