January 27, 2010

Is that GAS or the BABY???

Just teasing! I know I don't have baby belly pictures yet, but I thought I would let you all know that I am finally feeling little Jelly Bean move! Kevin can't wait until the baby gets big enough for him to feel the movements! Robbie is now constantly trying to pull up my shirt to check out my growing belly. When we ask him where the baby is he points to my belly. It is so sweet! I can't wait to get my two babies together!

We have one more month until we find out the baby's sex. The boy name is probably finished, but the girl name will be a huge debate between Kevin and I . . . we can't seem to find a name that we both like.

All is well in the Lewis household . . . we are as busy as ever, but that hasn't changed in a while. We went to LA with Robbie last week. Kevin had a seminar and I had a work trip. We have decided after going to Iowa and then to LA that Robbie is not a traveling man and we will probably stay home for a while!

It is suppose to be snowy/rainy here this weekend so no big plans for us. Kevin will be studying for boards so Robbie and I will probably run some errands and watch movies at home. Well, Robbie will play and I will watch movies!

Hope all is well with all of you, please know you are constantly in our thoughts and prayers!


Rachael said...

I cant believe how big Robbie is getting! :) And I LOVE his red hair - what a doll! It was nice reading your updates! I cant wait to meet or see baby Lewis #2

Jon and Stefanie said...

So...when can the dad usually feel the baby? (I'll check back here later to see an answer)

Polly said...

I just came across your blog and I just love the homey feel it has!!! This post reminds me of my very much pregnant grand daughter. Baby girl is due in March and we all hover around every time the baby moves. So sweet!!