January 19, 2010

Haitian Support

I offer up my prayers for those suffering in Haiti. It is a BEAUTIFUL country with wonderful people who have so very little. In church this past Sunday the pastoral committee said that they are taking up a collection for Catholic Relief Services (CRS), which has a large office in Port-au-Prince. Coincidentally, on Monday morning I heard the man in charge of the Port-au-Prince CRS office on the radio. The CRS building itself (in Port-au-Prince) is ruined but they are still operating out of a tent set up in their location. He was saying that although they have lost their building they are able to continue helping the community, but are in desperate need of supplies. CRS has a warehouse in the Dominican Republic which is trucking in supplies daily but they (the Dominican location, which has airport services) will need to be replenished in order to continue servicing the Port-au-Prince location. CRS in Port-au-Prince is also assisting a couple of local orphanages which are in desperate need at this time. I know there are many ways to donate money to help (Red Cross, Church, etc), but I thought I would add the CRS webpage to my blog in case anyone was interested.


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