February 2, 2009

Finally Caught Up!

OK, so I am finally caught up with my blog! I know that I posted all the pictures in a hurry, and I didn't bother to make them straight up and down, sorry everyone, but I was trying to get them done with one hand on the computer, one hand holding Robbie and trying not to yell at the computer too loudly to wake Kevin up. When he did wake up I was so proud to show him how I finished the blog, and his first comment was, why didn't you straighten out the photos - I could have poked him in the eye. Instead of being a better person and leaving his comment alone, I retorted with a snotty comment about getting his own blog and doing it his way . . . aren't I horrible! He didn't even mean anything by it, but I was so defensive because I KNEW that I was too lazy to make them right . . . ha ha ha. I guess I figured it was better to get it done instead of putting it off until I time where I could do it perfectly . . . my guess is that I will not get that time! I am hoping to get some video posted soon. I think my parents will really get a kick out of it. I love it when my blogger friends post video of their kids.

So Robbie discovered his feet this weekend. It was so wonderful! On Friday he looked down, noticed his feet and his eyes got big as if he were thinking, "now what the heck are these things?!?!". By Saturday he was grabbing them. He can't quite get them up to his mouth yet, but we are waiting for that to start soon. I love watching him do this. He is also almost rolling over. On his back he goes from one side to the next, but can't quite seem to get to his stomach. He is not as good on his tummy. He just grunts and groans a lot, because he hates it, and scoots around. Apparently at day-care he scoots himself all the way off the mat on the floor. The ladies say it is pretty funny. I wish I could see it :(

Mom and Dad (Lewis) came over for dinner and the game last night. I think I annoyed Dad because I talked through the whole game! I forgot to tell him that I am not much of a Super Bowl person and really only enjoy the food and commercials! Not that I don't like football, but I am more of a college fan than a pro one! They really had fun with Robbie and hopefully he didn't disappoint, he has been such a character lately. Lots of laughing and smiles and last night he provided lots of cuddling!

I will try to stay on top of the pictures and posts now that I am caught up and the computer is up and running! Oh and I forgot to mention that I was able to post at home because our neighbor's wireless signal made it to our house - oops!


Katie said...

Don't worry, Erin! We all love to see pictures of Robbie no matter how they are posted! :) Also, I'm way behind on posting videos, too, so I can't blame you there! :)

Brooke said...

where are you? we miss you!!! : )