February 1, 2009

Random Silly Pictures

Tummy time - he HATES it!
Kevin's favorite outfit - Atlannta Braves. Our friends Keith and Christina gave this to us and Kevin is so excited that Robbie has this outfit from Kevin's favorite team.

Kevin and I just laughed and laughed at this photo - we snapped it at the perftect time! What in the world is he thinking?


MoCos said...

He is growing way too fast... I can't wait to see him in March he will be a completely different person!! Hope the Lewis fam is doing well!!

Brooke said...

OH isnt he the cutest thing???!!!! Ive been waiting so long for these pics!!!! He's got every single bit of that gorgeous hair..I thought for sure some would have fallen out like it usually does! And his eyes...they are huge! He's so sweet!

Love the Auburn gear...war eagle!!

Meghann Whitmer said...

I would guess he is thinking are you seriously my crazy parents! Just kidding. He has changed so much since you posted last..keep the photos coming.