February 1, 2009

Robbie's First Christmas

Robbie in his "First Christmas" sleeper and matching "First Christmas" santa hat. He has learned to clasp his hands together. As you can see he actually let us put this hat on him and he seemed to like it!
This is Robbie playing with Kevin's favorite toy that Robbie got from Santa. He received some Auburn balls - football, baseball, basketball, etc.

This is a horrible attempt at Mommy taking artistic photos - see Brooke, I told you I was not at talented as you! As you can see, my foot is holding him in place. But I was trying to take a photo of him under the tree as our "gift" this year.

This is just a silly picture of Robbie.

This is another silly picture, but it really shows his Christmas outfit that we got. I just loved his outfit.

1 comment:

Brooke said...

Aww!! His outfit is so cute! I love the decorations too..VERY Martha!!

And, stop being hard on yourself--your pics are great! how can you go wrong with Robbie as the subject?!! Its hard to photograph babies/kids but when in doubt, get LOW. For some reason when I take pics at a 'low angle' (sitting or lying on floor!) they always seem to turn out.