February 1, 2009

More Catching Up

Here are some pictures of Robbie's first Christmas. This isn't even close to Martha Stewart beautiful, but wewill get there!
Here is Robbie's first Christmas tree. Kevin, Robbie and I had so much fun putting it up. I am continuing my family's tradition of trimming the tree with Christmas music and hot chocolate. Robbie got tired and fell asleep, but Kevin and I enjoyed finishing up. I usually insist on taking a trip to the tree farm and cutting down our tree but Kevin put his foot down this year because he got stuck all the work of a real tree. I couldn't be happier that he did, this tree is beautiful and the lights are already on it - so easy!

I couldn't help but share this pictures. Robbie is napping in his chair and we got a perfect picture of how he likes to sleep - just like his Daddy with his hands behind his head! Also, the onezie that he has on was given to me by my step mom, Cheri, and it says that Grandpa (Frank, but can also apply to all his other ones!) is my hero!

Just a cute one of Robbie. He is wearing this adorable outfit that a friend of Kevin's dad, Robert, Jr, gave to him. Below you can see where she embroidered his name on it. We love this outfit!

Here is his name on the shirt, it is just too precious! As you can see from the picture, Robbie just loves us messing with him to take pictures!

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Jon and Stefanie said...

It so fun to see how much he has grown! Such a cutie pie, I love all his little outfits and facial expressions. Don't worry we have a fake Christmas tree too. You can always add pinecones, or a wall plug-in to get that evergreen scent! Someday we'll try go for a real one! Hope you had a great weekend! -Stef